Producer / DJ

​   The long time Producer / DJ who began mixing at the age of 14, has a long history in the music business with his most recent ventures being URBANE MEDIA GROUP of which he is the Founder and CEO.  He has released 12 mixed CD Compilations over the last 20 years and has recently focused on his own productions with a Cataloque of 10 singles so far, and he's just getting started with plans to release 2 more in the year 2017.

​His tracks have been listed in the top 50 charts in Juno Download and as a #1 best seller in Track It MIkYael has also partnered up with AMAdea Records for an exclusive distribution deal with his productions to be distributed all around the world in all online major retail stores and streaming services.

​ Originally from Orlando, Florida, Producer / DJ Mikyael is a passionate, driven, and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of music with a sound that is all about great melodies, tight grooves and dynamic set lists.

​ MIkYael has worked in the studio with some well-known professionals assisting on award-winning songs such as assisting John Kurzweg (producer of Human Clay by Creed) by engineering the harmony and mix-down of Scott Stapp's voice in the songs 'Higher' and 'With Arm's Wide Open' as well as having synced, mastered and tracked by frequency Brian Marshall the bassist and Scott Phillips the Drummer on the same songs. He also assisted Derrick Perkins, Stevie Wonder's recording engineer, doing the mix-down for all tracks on the soundtrack of Spike Lee's 'Bamboozled' Album.

​ As a performer, Mikyael has performed with and opened for Carlos Mendoza, Sasha and John Digweed, DJ Stylus, D-Extreme, DJ Icey, DJ Baby Anne, Jackal & Hyde, Friction and Spice, Kimball Collins, Chris Fortier, and Mike & Charlie. He has also performed at the 1998 Zen Music Festival in Zephyhills, Florida; The 2001 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida; and The 2005 CrossRoads Music Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.

​ This talented and in-demand independent audiovisual technician has a client list that includes some fortune 500 companies such as PSAV Presentation Services, LMG Audio/Visual, SPECTRUM Productions, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Productions, AUDIOVISUAL One, RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIES and WALT DISNEY Productions.